What can you do with empty glass jars?

Updated: May 16

When it's time for me to do the grocery shopping and I have in my list things like "avocado oil, coconut oil, strawberry jam, almond spread, apple cider vinegar, tomato paste", just to mention a few. I always take 2 things into consideration.

  1. It has to be the organic version.

  2. It has to be the cutest glass jar I get to see on the shelf.

This might sound like a joke, but let me tell you, that's exactly the way that I function. I have an extremely appreciation for beautiful things even if they are in the most mundane things like my grocery shopping, and as a home decor artisan myself, all these cute jars and containers are a blank canvas for all the decor items I looove to create.

Maybe for most people the answer to my question "what can you do with empty glass jars?" it'll be just put them in the recycle bin, which I know it's the most logical option.

But from my perspective, even though recycling may be a good option to benefit the environment, we can do so much more for our planet, ourselves and our homes, like taking low-value items ( empty glass jars and containers) and creating more useful or higher-value pieces, which is the reusing or upcycling part of sustainable living.

Every single step toward a more sustainable living counts, and we can decorate our homes to our heart’s content while we’re at it!

Sustainable living is where my work is mostly oriented to. And I'm here to tell you that starting to reuse simple items to give them a makeover or a new purpose it's more easy and simple as you may think. Below there is a link to my most recent Youtube video that you can easily follow to create your first handmade decor project.

The key is to enjoy the process. Immersing yourself in an upcycling craft project will definitely benefit the environment and moreover lower your stress levels, as well as, promote mental calmness.

I hope you found some inspiration within this post and you are ready now to upcycle (glass jars, wine bottles, jam jars or any other container you like) and turn them into beautiful handmade decor pieces that will make your home feel authentic and unique as your awesome personality.

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